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Banking & Financial Services

Today’s market challenges faced by Financial Services Institutions enforce product innovations and service improvements in order to increase competitiveness and decrease customer churn. The increasing pressures of globalization also make it more critical than ever before to reduce operation costs, streamline operations and re-engineer business processes.

Banks and Financial Institutions also face the challenge of supporting a growing number of customer interaction channels (branch, web, phone, call center, affiliated agents and brokers, etc), while serving an increasingly diverse audience of customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

In order to take full advantage of today’s opportunities, Financial Organizations must be able to manage multiple service-delivery options, multiple products and dynamically changing customer requirements. INTRACOM Holdings has established its leading role in this sector, implementing End-to-End Solutions that fully meet the needs of Banking, Financial and Insurance Institutions based on the “One-Stop-Shop” approach.

INTRACOM Holdings, continuously investing in the latest technologies in the field, offers a wide spectrum of Advanced and Integrated IT solutions in the following areas: